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About Us

As an International Organization of Women Pilots, The Ninety-Nines®, and our local chapter, The Aloha Chapter 99s, promote advancement of aviation through education, scholarships and mutual support while honoring our unique history and sharing our passion for flight.



Michelle JoAnn

After serving this chapter's board since 2019, Michelle is thrilled for the opportunity to lead such an awesome group of female aviators! She holds a Private Pilot's License and is currently working on her Instrument Rating at Barbers Point Flight School. She works as a freelancer in film, events, and PR. She brings her logistical aptitude to the board and wants to create a vibrant, supportive, professional community of aviators through the 99s! In 2023, she became a mother to her first child, a baby girl who may be a future 99! 



Abigail Dang

Abigail Dang is a 21-year-old Certificated Instrument and Multi-Engine Flight Instructor with 1200 total flight hours working at Barbers Point Flight School and Pacific Air Charters. Her journey began at 15 1/2 years old with a fiery passion and dedication that brought her from her 16th birthday solo flight to her first professional commercial pilot job at Pacific Air Charters. Her ultimate goal is to fly for a major airline and remain based in the gorgeous islands of Hawaii, her lifelong home. She's served on the Aloha 99s board for 6 years and is excited to help mentor, lead, and inspire the upcoming generation of aviators!



Caitlin Thomas

Caitlin joined the Ninety-Nines Aloha Chapter in 2020 with the goal of finding community in the aviation industry. She has served as Board Treasurer since 2021 and is passionate about helping other aspiring aviators. Caitlin recently earned her commercial pilot license and hopes to one day work for a major airline. Only 1200 hours to go! 

Secretary / Webmaster

Hannah Whelan

Hannah was born and raised on Kaua’i and began flying at the age of 12 in the Civil Air Patrol. She later moved to Oahu and got her Private Pilot’s Certificate at 21, her Instrument Rating at 22, and her Commercial Single and Multi Engine add on at 23. She one day plans on flying for Hawaiian Airlines.


Fundraising Manager

Shealin Johnson

Shealin started her flight journey as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. It wasn't long before she wanted to transition and become a pilot. Shealin currently is a CFI and CFII at Pacific Flight Academy, and hopes to join Hawaiian Airlines one day.  When she's not flying, she can be found sailing, hiking, or walking the beach with her dogs. One of her first flight instructors, was the inspiration to join the 99s, and since, the group has become her foundation of flight. The 99s is a place of friendship, encouragement, community, and fun! 

Public Relations

Meredith Grimmer

Meredith Grimmer is working on her PPL and is so grateful to have found the 99's Aloha Chapter and assist with PR for this fabulous, talented group of female aviators. As a passenger, she always requests the window seat, as a flight attendant at Hawaiian Air, she loves to give scenic announcements to inspire others to look outside, and as a pilot, she relishes the best views! Whether watching whales at play or huge surf breaking on the North Shore, a birds' eye view of Earth is her inspiration to keep taking to the skies. 


Scholarship Chair

Tanya Rames

Tanya joined the Aloha Chapter as a student pilot in 2017 with the dream of becoming a Hawaiian Airlines Pilot. Today she is a B-717 First Officer and serving on our board as the Scholarship Chair. Tanya’s mission is to help other aspiring aviators receive flight training scholarships so that they can achieve their flying goals as well.

Membership Liaison

Alexandra Murdoch-Haig

Alexandra Murdoch-Haig has been a member of the Aloha Chapter for the past two years and her passion is new member outreach and sharing aviation with inspiring pilots. She completed the majority of her flight training here in Hawaii and is now assistant chief flight instructor at Mauna Loa Aero. Alexandra is also a part of Civil Air Patrol and Angel Flight and is always looking to get her students more involved in the aviation community. She newly a member of the Alaska Air National Guard and is well on her way to her dream job flying military KC135’s!

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